Custom Cream Boxes

We offer custom printed cream boxes of your choice with the assistance of our experienced design team. Choose from our variety of customization options and ensure a bookable amount till whatever bulk quantity you require by creating the boxes with your own preferred fonts, colours and layouts. We have exclusive services like free shipping that makes it easy for customers to order custom printed cream boxes at economical rates.

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Custom Cream Boxes | High-Quality Customized Boxes

Custom Cream Boxes are a great way to maximize your product’s impact. Made from high-quality materials, these customized boxes let customers know that their business has invested in their products. And because every box is made uniquely for you, you get the aesthetic boost of premium finishings at an unbeatable price.

Create a truly unique package for your business with our custom cream boxes. Each box has been developed and designed to fill the exact needs of your company. You can choose from a wide range of customization options, including imprinted titles and packages, gift wrap and box accessories, branded envelopes and tags, flaps and handles, etc. We also have customizable textured papers that add a touch of luxury to your package design without weighing it down.

Enhance Product Quality And Increase Your Sales:

Cosmetic and face cream manufacturers get the opportunity of printing their products with the best retailing services. Our custom printed cream boxes help you to stand out from other brands in a very short time. You can create a combination of soft and mild colours to highlight specific portion that presents the core features of your product. Our attractive printing techniques, error-free printing and distinct shapes give your premium products a royal presentation, tie up the packaging quality with the quality of your product and attract female sentiments making them buy more than one unit and take effective decisions without delay.

Custom Cream Boxes: A Great Way To Deliver Your Products Safely!

Rolling creams packages are perfect for keeping the cream jars while they travel from one location to another. Creams are thick products, which require extra protection from damage and moisture. The custom made cardboard cream boxes with lamination, which prevents UV rays from reaching the creams and their ingredients, provide maximum protection for these delicate products. These sturdy boxes also prevent the cream jars from contamination and provide comfortable handling during shipping and transportation.

When creams are packed in a plastic box, it is very risky to choose the best protective material for packing and then hand over the package to the courier for safe delivery. We do printing and coating in a way that could block the sun rays to shield the creams packed inside. The moving parts of an item, including lids and flippers, should also be protected by corrugated or coated flutes or paper material, which will help in guarding them against getting damaged by weather changes or mishandling during transit.

Beauty Cream Boxes Customized and Manufactured for You

CustomMailerBoxes offers the best professional packaging service for your company’s products. Our manufacturing process will help you to ensure high-quality materials and in turn, deliver to the customer right on time. As we are the most experienced, reliable and cost-effective packaging supplier in the United States, we will work with you to customize a unique box for your cream-based items.

We extensively search esteemed manufacturers and make sure our clients get quality products. Each product has got its own particular set of problems. We will consider the product type: face cream, whiting cream, anti-ageing cream, night cream or moisturizing cream and design a box from scratch by anticipating the specific requests of each kind of pack. The whole procedure of customizing a beauty cream box takes 2 weeks whereas we deliver it to you in less than 1 month after the initial order.


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